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Our LocationMann Road - Lambi - Sri Muktsar Sahib

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About us

The School building has been beautiful designed on a large open 10 acre campus. The Class rooms are spacious, well ventilated, airy and naturally lighted. The whole building is situated on the Lambi Maan Road. The environment has been purposely selected away from any built up areas to encourage a peaceful and pollution free atmosphere. The lush green lawns are eye catching on all sides.


Our aims is for our pupils to follow and and live up to our school motto & succeed accordingly: Seek knowledge attain power. No doubt the central and state governments in India have adopted many measures to provide basic needs of education in the towns and villages, however a little effort has been shown towards the establishment of quality residential schools. The existing choice of local residential schools with in our state and the surrounding area does not provide the necessary standard or genuinely deliver quality and reliability. It is our intention to operate a fair and equal admission policy based upon individual merit without discrimination or bias.